Dust Off The Dead Skin

Sep 30, 20
Dust Off The Dead Skin

Ostruce Cleansing Gel has a soothing texture that not only removes impurities and dead skin but also leaves a clearer and healthier skin. The Cleansing Gel is suitable for all skin types as it takes away unnecessary oil and dead skin and gives an additional glow. The Aloe Vera extract in this gel makes its texture jelly like which makes it easier to apply and rub it. Tea extracts lighten eye bags and dark circles and gives your entire face a new life. Skin conditioner acts as a vital ingredient that does not let your skin become dry or dull. This purely natural product has no adverse affect but if you have any skin condition, consult with your doctor first. 

 - For dry to combination skin, it can be used twice in a week

 - For oily skin, use thrice a week

It gives your skin instant glow in just 3 to 4 minutes and you see the effect of a fresh facial by just following few steps. 

For best result follow these steps:

  • Pat your face with a clean towel for dry skin
  • Squeeze a small amount on your fingers or squeeze small amounts on your face
  • Start cleansing with 3 fingers in circular motion
  • Clean the dead skin with wipes or water
  • Apply Cosmetic Wonder Oil after cleaning for amazing results


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