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Is Ostrich Oil Good For Hair?

Ostrich Oil is full of omega 3, 6 & 9 properties and is considered as one of the highly penetrative oils found in nature as it absorbs quickly into the human skin and scalp. Nowadays, everyone is mindful of how their hair looks and how it feels to have healthy and shiny hair. Good hair is also reflected in our confidence hence the popular hashtag #goodhairday. Ostrich Oil is truly a miracle as it contains the best characteristics of omega-3, omega 6, and omega 9. 


Ostruce has something amazing for everyone dealing with hair issues. Our Research and Development team came up with a unique formula that has been proven effective. It has demonstrated some incredible results for people who were dealing with dandruff, hair fall, split ends, and weak hair. Its chemical symmetry is almost the same as that of the human scalp therefore it absorbs easily through scalp layers and reaches to roots. Ostruce Revitalizing Hair Oil contains:


  • Pure Ostrich Oil as the key ingredient 
  • Moringa Oil
  • Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Aloe Vera Extracts


Ostrich oil contains omegas that comprise the following benefits:


Omega 3

  • Increases hair elasticity that leads to less hair breakage.
  • Nourishes hair follicles improves the overall hair growth and quality of hair.
  • Improves hair strength and thickness.
  • Prevents hair loss. 
  • Improves the dry scalp.


Omega 6

  • Prevents water loss in hair.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Helps with certain scalp conditions such as eczema.


Omega 9

  • Keeps hair hydrated, reduces dryness and dullness.
  • Makes hair soft and improves flexibility.


Ostrich Oil has also been proven as an extraordinary anti-aging secret ingredient and helps slow the aging process. If used on the scalp regularly, it can slow down the graying of hair and give our hair a healthy look. 


For conditioning hair, it is recommended to use it at night time before going to bed and wash off the next morning. It is widely used in hair care products across the globe.


Ostruce also has an organic shampoo called Ostruce Hair Revitalizing Shampoo and is advised to use in combination with Revitalizing Hair Oil. Its composition is as follows:

  • Ostrich Oil - for hydrating and soothing scalp
  • Moringa Extract - For scalp treatment
  • Aloe Vera Gel - For Soothing effect
  • 6 Unique conditioners - to condition and add shine


Ostrich Oil not only moisturizes and soothes dry scalp but because of its quick-absorbing property, it penetrates and nourishes other ingredients to the roots as well. Moringa Oil helps with fighting inflammation, argan oil acts as an organic conditioner, jojoba oil strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss and aloe vera extracts provide soothing effects. 


Customers with severe hair issues used Ostruce hair care products and observed the difference within one month of use. Some of them shared their reviews on Ostruce official website and our Facebook page. Ostruce's team of product consultants is available for a free consultation, and you can reach out at 0335-4104444 between 9 AM and 6 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturday.


Ostruce differentiates from others by making people's lives better with organic and healthcare products made of ostrich oil. We believe even a small act of helping someone can make a difference. We can not calculate how impactful it can be but when such small acts happen in millions can transform the world. It all starts with a single step because with every little step you take for someone else to phr is sey: 

 Farq  Tou  Parta  Hai

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