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Which oil is best for pain relief?

At present, body aches majorly depend on painkillers largely to get some relief while forgetting the fact that nature is also producing oils for pain relief that work without side effects. Well, some of us, through our families would be familiar with such products, do-it-yourself solutions, or home remedies that are used in our daily lives since ancient times. We even don’t shy away from suggesting such products or remedies when we see someone in pain too. 


But there remains a big question mark while choosing from different available options:

  • What kind of side effects it might have in the long run?
  • Is this even effective?
  • How long will I have to wait to get the pain relief? 


Let’s find out in further read, which oil is best for pain relief?


Several joint diseases have no cure and patients have to use painkillers for the rest of their life. Arthritis is one of the common joint diseases. There are about 350 million arthritis patients worldwide.


In this era, when pharmaceutical companies are competing for more revenue and boosting the production of painkillers that are damaging stomachs and kidneys for just a few minutes of relief, Ostruce took the initiative to help people living in pain. Ostruce came up with the new version of an old remedy that has been used for centuries to treat fractured bones, arthritis, rheumatism, dermatitis, skin burns, and other joints and muscular pains. 

Enhanced Ostrich Oil loyal customers call it ostruce oil, pain killer oil or oil for pain relief, knee pain oil, joint pain relief oil, etc. however, you can find it by clicking or typing Enhanced Ostrich Oil

Ostrich Oil is widely used in the middle east and African countries and is being used for centuries. It is extracted from Ostrich's Fat which contains omega-3, 6, and 9. Due to its fat ostrich is considered to have one of the strongest immune systems in the world and this is the reason ostriches are highly resistant to pathogens. Ostrich Oil itself is a miracle of nature but we have improvised it to bring the better and more effective version of Enhanced Ostrich Oil. 


The word "Enhanced" refers to the ingredients we have included with ostrich oil so the overall efficacy of this oil can be increased and we can get maximum out of it. 


These ingredients include:

Capsicum Oleoresin - Improves blood circulation 

Wintergreen Oil - Relieves pain and Fights Inflammation

Eucalyptus - Soothes Muscles


When we talk about olive oil, eucalyptus oil, wintergreen oil, or other home remedies, they all work in certain conditions and we can not use one single essential for all types of pains. However, with Enhanced Ostrich Oil, it is a complete package and is formulated in a way that treats a majority of the common joints and muscular pains. So far, we have over 30,000 satisfied customers out of which almost 10,000 were arthritis patients.


How can Ostruce Oil help you with Arthritis?

Enhanced Ostrich Oil contains pure ostrich which absorbs quickly and goes deep into the affected area helping in boosting blood circulation, fighting inflammation, and relieving pain. 


Does Enhanced Ostrich Oil have side effects?

Enhanced Ostrich Oil is a pure organic product that means it does not contain any chemical or steroid to make it artificially effective hence it does not have any side effects.


Does Olive Oil help in Back Pain?

Olive Oil alone would not serve the purpose. Neither would wintergreen oil, eucalyptus, or capsicum would do. However, if you combine it with Ostrich Oil, it will rather be effective. 


Which balm or oil is best for pain relief?

If someone is suffering from constant or temporary back pain, then they might consider home remedies, DIY solutions, or rely on painkillers, but Enhanced Ostruce Oil is best for instant pain relief, inflammation, and other muscular pains too. Moreover, it is organic which signifies it might take some time to work but it will not have any side effects.


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