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Article: Women: Impactful Potential of The Nation

Women: Impactful Potential of The Nation - Ostruce

Women: Impactful Potential of The Nation

Women are almost the same in ratio as men in the world. These stats are quite applicable to Pakistan as well. If we look around, what percentage of women do we see at work places? We see a very small percentage as compared to men. In the third world countries, daughters are seen as a burden and all people do is get them married and send them away. These practices lead to a lot of problems, from early deaths to domestic abuse and more.

An empowered woman works as a catalyst, bringing positive change in the lives of people around her. She plays a vital role in happiness, lifestyle and upbringing of the next generation. An economically empowered woman can also stand up for herself. She can fight for her rights through advocacy and justice.

Ostruce believes in bringing a change, not from the outside, but from within. How can we practice that in daily life? Start from the immediate circle around you. We need to boost their self-esteem. For that, we need to listen to what they are thinking. Eradicating negativity and letting her live the way she wants to. We need to stop promoting the unrealistic standards of beauty. Be a part in stopping cyber-bullying because this gender has to face it the most. Be vocal about good things. Be generous in complimenting your friend, mother, sister, wife or colleague around you.


Do not hesitate to share your hardships and your struggles. Be open and be honest in sharing your story. Be a ray of hope in telling your way of survival. Be a guide to your fellows positively. A study concludes that powerful women, who have shared their experiences and struggles, worked wonders even if it worked silently for some. Female leaders are the true living examples. Encourage young girls to be aspiring adults. Support women entrepreneurs around. Ostruce is providing a platform for such women. It is about time that women should know their worth. Women should need to ask what they need and deserve, whether its wages, rights or respect. Believe it, later generations will be grateful to you for this approach.

This year take a pledge to celebrate WOMANHOOD

Say these words more often....

Thank you
You Look Beautiful
You Deserve This

Take care of your health and women around you. Make sure to educate at least one female child in your lifetime. According to stats, 31 million girls do not have the privilege of even basic education. Ostruce believes in Community Education. Believe that nobody else will come and do this.

We have to start this NOW!

The Founder of Ostruce, Ahmad Kazi, is always found saying,

 “Ab nahi tu kab? Hum nahi tu kaun?

Contribution By:

Hira Tayyab

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