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Celebrating 10 Years of Care & Commitment 

Founder’s Vision, Sustainable Mission - “Farq Tou Parta Hai”

The concept of Ostruce was born in 2010 when the consumer’s focus was shifting towards organic food and lifestyle choices. Outbreaks of mad cow disease and bird flu saw people across the world start seeking natural alternatives.

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The Chairman, Mr. Shahid Jamal Kazi had the vision to introduce Ostrich farming as the ideal solution for the good of the community. He worked tirelessly to add Ostrich to the livestock category (instead of wildlife), getting a bill passed in 2012 making this possible. His mission was to create a new and sustainable community that could be built around this magnificent bird – empowering the entire supply chain of producers, marketers, and distributors.

A decade later, Ostruce continues its belief that even the smallest acts of caring can transform the lives of nations. We continue to work towards empowering farmers and our entire supply chain by creating a marketplace for ostrich products. Helping them practice sustainable farming and eventually moving towards a cooperative model. Educating them along the way on how to look after their life-stock, with an emphasis on humane practices.

We are proud to share that the Ostrich Oil used in Ostruce products is Halal Certified because “Farq Tou Parta Hai”.

Why does Ostruce care so much about Quality?

Since it began in 2011, as a company, Ostruce has focused on quality and care! This is because our Chairman, Mr. Shahid Jamal Kazi had a vision of excellence and a love of community. With an illustrious career as a Chartered Accountant with world-renowned firms such as Ferguson, Boots, and ICI, he is committed to economic development & sustainability.  

Ostruce Trust for Rural Uplift & Community Education

The Chairman’s motto of ‘Farq Tou Parta Hai’ has inspired the company to grow and evolve its mission to be a force for good in the community.

His vision to introduce Ostriches into the country served to empower poverty-stricken farmers. Before Ostruce invited farmers/investors to come on board, we first tested a model farm to see whether sustaining this was even possible.

Now we are mentoring rural areas to empower them to help us; creating value and sharing sustainable farming practices & education, inspiring the economic uplift of entire communities.

As we celebrate 10 years of success, we remain committed to our vision and mission of sustainability, quality, and job creation, to inspire the current and future generations.

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How are Ostruce products so Effective? 

When it comes to efficacy, purity matters! We produce the purest, organic ostrich oil because:

• The best breed of ostriches was imported directly from Australia 

• They are raised in a free-range environment & fed with wholesome grains

• No hormones or steroids are used at all

• Our R&D department tests all ingredients

• Ensuring they are Certified Halal

This means we can produce a truly health-enhancing Oil naturally! And unlike some other brands that just make claims, we are truly Halal Certified!