Frequently Asked Questions

Enhanced Ostrich Oil

Q1. What are the uses of Enhanced Ostrich Oil?
The Enhanced Ostrich Oil can be used for Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Muscular pains, Muscle Stiffness, Sore Muscles, Joint pains, Cramps, Varicose veins and Frozen shoulder.

Q2. Can Enhanced Ostrich Oil cure Arthritis?
Arthritis cannot be cured, however what we have to offer is pain relief without any side effects.

Q3. Is Enhanced Ostrich Oil effective for swelling and inflammation?
Yes, the wintergreen oil is a component of the Enhanced Ostrich Oil which fights inflammation and reduces swelling.

Q4. Is Enhanced Ostrich Oil suitable for Open wounds?
No, it is not recommended to use it on open wounds as it can cause irritation.

Q5. How to use the Enhanced Ostrich Oil?
Luke warm the bottle (for 15-20 seconds in microwave) before every use and gently shake, apply 6-8 drops on the aching joint or muscle and massage gently for 2-3 minutes.

Q6. For how long Enhanced Ostrich Oil? has to be used?
It depends upon the type of pain. Enhanced Ostrich Oil has the tendency to heal muscular pains whereas joint pain may require a longer consumption.

Q7. Does Enhanced Ostrich Oil have side effects?
No, It does not have any side effects.

Q8. What is the average response time of the results?
On average, the consumers observed a distinct relief within 5-7 days whereas it may vary person to person. 

Q9. What are the ingredients of Enhanced Ostrich Oil?

EOO is made using ostrich oil, capsicum oleoresin, eucalyptus and wintergreen oil.

General Questions

Q1. Are Ostruce products organic?
Yes, they are organic consisting of 100% Natural Ingredients.

Q2. From where is the Ostrich Oil extracted?

The Ostrich oil is extracted from the Ostrich fats obtained from Ostrich Farming.

Q3. Is Ostrich Halal?

Yes, Ostrich is a halal bird that is used primarily for its meat. The leather from the skin is the second most expensive leather in the world. The meat is lowest in fat, cholesterol and calories along with being the richest in protein and iron. The feather is used for decor, fashion and industrial purposes. The oil is extracted from the fat conversion process and is beneficial for over a dozen ailments of the skin, bones, muscles and hair.

Q4. Is Ostruce certified?

All Ostruce products are manufactured in a DRAP Approved Facility in Lahore, Pakistan.

Q5. Where is the outlet of Ostruce?
Ostruce is an online store, it does not have any outlet. However, we are delivering Nationwide.

Q6. What ingredients are used in Ostruce products?

Our products use ostrich oil combined with a number of natural ingredients, each recipe specialized to treat different ailments.

Q7. Are your products ethically sourced, animal cruelty free?

Ostrich oil is sourced from our farms where our birds are raised free range and grain fed. The feed is also grown at our farms where we do not use pesticides and insecticides. Our slaughter facility and manufacturing facility is the best in class, ISO 9001 and GMP certified.

Q8. Is Ostrich Farming Legal?
When we started in 2011 we had to face the hurdle of the livestock department and wildlife department. Ostrich was categorized as wildlife but has globally been accepted as livestock. Recognizing the immense benefits of the magnificent ostrich, its farming and the employment it potentially creates, we presented our case to have ostrich included in livestock to several ministries. After a long struggle, we got the law passed that recognized ostrich in the definition of animal in the Amended Animal Slaughter Act of 2012.

Q9. Is Enhanced Ostrich Oil edible?
No, it is for external use only.