Revitalizing Hair Oil
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What is Revitalizing Hair Oil?

Revitalizing Hair Oil is natural and organic hair oil. One Oil does it all for your hair. Its main ingredient Ostrich Oil is an absolutely amazing moisturizer for hair. Keeping your hair in perfect condition is a must-have in your hair care regime.   

Benefits of using Revitalizing Hair Oil:

  • Anti-hair fall.
  • Fights Split ends, Dryness & Dandruff.
  • Conditions the scalp.
  • Smoothens & adds hair shine.
  • Softens & strengthens the roots and hair shaft.

How to use Revitalizing Hair Oil?

  • Apply Revitalizing Hair Oil to repair hair and scalp.
  • Massage well for 5-7 minutes.
  • Leave on overnight for best results.
  • Wash the next morning.
  • We recommend using the Hair Revitalizing Shampoo as other shampoos may be too harsh & strip the oils from your hair. You can also use any other organic shampoo as well. 
  • Apply at least 3 times a week. For best results apply regularly for 2-3 months.


Ingredients of Revitalizing Hair Oil:

  • Ostrich Oil – For intense hydration & absorption and take other ingredients to the roots.
  • Moringa Oil – moisturizing and cleansing the scalp.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil – protect your hair from everyday damage.
  • Jojoba Oil – Reduces dandruff.
  • Aloe Vera extracts – Controls greasy hair.



How does Revitalizing Hair Oil help with hair fall?

Revitalizing Hair Oil goes deep down into the scalp, strengthens the roots, and effectively helps fight hair fall.

Is Revitalizing Hair Oil helpful in preventing dandruff? 

Yes, Revitalizing Hair Oil helps in preventing dandruff. Its fundamental purpose is to moisturize the scalp and reduce dandruff.

Would Revitalizing Hair Oil be helpful in the regrowth of hair?

Not really. Revitalizing Hair Oil does not help with the regrowth of hair.

How is Revitalizing Hair Oil different from any other organic oils?

Revitalizing Hair Oil’s key ingredient is ostrich oil which is an incredible moisturizer for skin and scalp. It quickly absorbs and helps other ingredients to go deep into the scalp ultimately leading to improving scalp health, strengthening roots, and fighting dandruff. That's how Revitalizing Hair Oil is different from other hair oils we use. 

Would Revitalizing Hair Oil be useful for frizzy hair?

Yes, Revitalizing Hair Oil hydrates dry and frizzy hair and brings back the natural shine. 

How to use Revitalizing Hair Oil?

We recommend using Revitalizing Hair Oil 3 times a week at least. Leaving it overnight and washing hair the next morning with Hair Revitalizing Shampoo or any other organic would eventually make a visible difference. 

How is Revitalizing Hair Oil manufactured?

Revitalizing Hair Oil is manufactured in a DRAP-approved facility under the supervision of experts. It is a blend of essential oils mixed with ostrich oil to nourish the hair as much as it can. 

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