Complete Hair Care Bundle - Ostruce
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Soft & Silky Hair that shines

Want soft and silky hair that shines with health? Then the all-natural Hair Revitalizing Shampoo is perfect for you. It uses the purest organic ingredients to restore your hair to its natural glory:

  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Adds shine & strengthens your hair
  • Softens & conditions your hair
  • Cleanses gently
  • Hair fall solution
  • Fights Dandruff & Split Ends

One Hair Oil Does It All

Hair is a crowning glory for both men and women. To keep it in perfect condition, the super effective Revitalizing Hair Oil is a must-have.

  • Natural & Organic
  • Smoothens & adds hair shine
  • Conditions the scalp
  • Softens & strengthens the roots and hair shaft
  • Anti-hair-fall
  • Fights Split ends, Dryness & Dandruff

Is Ostruce brand really organic?

The word “Organic” is used and abused to death in Pakistan because even our groundwater is polluted. Natural, yes, we can claim. 

How is Ostruce different from any other skincare brand?

We are more than just a skincare brand. We aim to set things in motion for a positive change that begins from your home. It is to become a brand that you can rely on. We aim to become your reliable lifetime partner, a daily essential - from taking care of yourself and feeling confident in your skin to lending out a helping hand to the people around you. It’s all about showing empathy and respect.

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    Q1. What are the uses of Enhanced Ostrich Oil?
    The Enhanced Ostrich Oil can be used for Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Muscular pains, Muscle Stiffness, Sore Muscles, Joint pains, Cramps, Varicose veins, and Frozen shoulder.

    Q2. Can Enhanced Ostrich Oil cure Arthritis?
    Arthritis cannot be cured; however, we have to offer pain relief without any side effects.

    Q3. Is Enhanced Ostrich Oil effective for swelling and inflammation?
    Yes, the wintergreen oil is a component of the Enhanced Ostrich Oil which fights inflammation and reduces swelling.

    Q4. Is Enhanced Ostrich Oil suitable for Open wounds?
    No, it is not recommended to use it on open wounds as it can irritate.

    Q5. How to use the Enhanced Ostrich Oil?
    Lukewarm the bottle (for 15-20 seconds in the microwave) before every use and gently shake, apply 6-8 drops on the aching joint or muscle and massage gently for 2-3 minutes.

    Q6. For how long Enhanced Ostrich Oil? has to be used?
    It depends upon the type of pain. Enhanced Ostrich Oil tends to heal muscular pains whereas joint pain may require a longer consumption.

    Q7. Does Enhanced Ostrich Oil have side effects?
    No, It does not have any side effects.

    Q8. What is the average response time of the results?
    On average, the consumers observed a distinct relief within 5-7 days whereas it may vary from person to person.

    Q9. How long is shipping?
    The shipping cost is 200 PKR. All orders have a tracking number and shipping takes 2-7 business days.

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