Natural Lip Balm
Rs.150.00 Rs.300.00

Ultimate Lip Care

A Lip Balm like no other for soft and supple lips! This unique, scientifically tested formula makes a real difference to your lip care.

  • Instant hydration
  • Softer than other lip balms
  • Treats chapped lips
  • Works wonders on darkened lips

How to apply:

  • Apply balm daily
  • Spread evenly on lips
  • Use whenever needed


  • Ostrich Oil – intense hydration for soft skin
  • Olive Oil – hydrates & softens
  • Petrolatum – moisturizes

The ultimate lip care can now be yours. ORDER IT NOW!

Not just a Brand, A Lifestyle! *

More than just a brand, we believe we are a lifestyle; inspiring people for more than a decade to choose organic & natural goodness! Encouraging care with our Ostrich Oil products with miraculous properties, enhanced naturally.

We believe when you feel better & look better, you are more empathetic towards family and friends enhancing your level of care. Just as Ostruce looks after customers, farmers, and team members, Creating Value & making a Positive Change in the community at large.

Because we stand by our motto: “Farq Tou Parta Hai”

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