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Article: Exploring the Best Cleanser in Pakistan ( 2023) - Ostruce

Exploring the Best Cleanser in Pakistan ( 2023) - Ostruce

Exploring the Best Cleanser in Pakistan ( 2023) - Ostruce

Your skin may seem lifeless and dull after a long day of exploring the outdoors, battling city pollution, or simply going about your everyday routine. Even though you have little control over the outside forces that damage your skin, you can protect it with the right solutions. Add a face cleanser to your list of skincare essentials to revive your complexion.
These enchanted cleansers are made to exfoliate dry skin, lift away pollutants, and brighten your face. Finding the right cleanser in the bustling skincare world can often be daunting. With an ever-expanding market and many options, it's crucial to identify products that cater to your skin's needs and align with your values. In this article, we dive into the skincare world and explore the best cleanser available in Pakistan in 2023, focusing on Ostruce.


Cleansers are one of the beauty and skincare essentials for anyone who goes out. You don't need to go outside to get dust or germs on your face. COVID-19 has given us all some kindergarten refreshers where we learned how viruses or germs travel. Our fingertips carry 2-10 million particles of bacteria, and germs stay for more or less three hours. If we are not washing our hands, we tend to transfer germs to our faces, everything we eat. 

If anything, Ostruce wants you to be more mindful of avoiding bacteria so it doesn't lead you to catch any virus, diarrhea, acne, infection, or allergies. Keep your hands clean, sanitize, wash your hands frequently, and don't touch your face too much.

Ostruce Cleansing Gel has a soothing texture that removes impurities and dead skin and leaves clearer and healthier skin. 

It is suitable for all skin types as it removes unnecessary oil and dead skin and gives an additional glow. The Aloe Vera extract in this gel makes its texture jelly-like, making it easier to apply and rub. Tea extracts lighten eye bags and dark circles and give your entire face a new life. Skin conditioner is a vital ingredient that does not let your skin dry or dull. This natural product has no adverse effects, but consult your doctor if you have any skin conditions. 

 - For dry to combination skin, it can be used twice a week

 - For oily skin, use thrice a week


For the best use of Ostruce Cleansing Gel and results, follow these steps:

  • Pat your face with a clean towel for dry skin.
  • Squeeze a small amount on your fingers or squeeze small amounts on your face.
  • Start cleansing with three fingers in a circular motion.
  • Clean the dead skin with wipes or water.
  • Apply Cosmetic Wonder Oil after cleaning for an instant glow. 


Cleansing milk helps our skin moisturize, hydrate, and cleanses it. Best for sensitive as well as dry skin because, unlike cleansing gel, it does not create foam. It also does not contain surfactants as cream cleansers do. The best way to use it on dry skin is with the help of a cotton pad.
Opposite to how cleansing milk works, a gel-based cleanser is more powerful when it comes to eliminating the surface oil and bacteria that might cause acne-causing. Cleansing Gel offers deep cleaning compared to other options on the market. However, gels may be harsh for dry skin, but oily skin might need Cleansing Gel to reduce the excess oils and eventually leave the skin fresher.

If you have any questions, call now and get FREE consultancy, or order now at

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