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Mythic Hair Elixir

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Mythic Hair Elixir
Mythic Hair Elixir Sale priceRs.4,000.00


Mythic Hair Elixir Product Description

Introducing the Mythic Hair Elixir, a luxurious potion that will work wonders on your hair, transforming it into a radiant masterpiece. This oil is enriched with exquisite oils that deeply hydrate, add dazzling shine, and effortlessly tame frizz.


  • Deep Hydration: Enriched with oils to provide essential moisture and prevent dryness.
  • Dazzling Shine: Adds lustrous and radiant hair shine.
  • Frizz Control: Reduces frizz and tames frizz for sleek hair.
  • Nourishment: Provides essential nutrients for healthier, more vibrant hair.
  • Versatile Styling: Use on wet or dry hair for definition, manageability, and control.
  • Heat Protection: Creates a shield to prevent damage from heat.
  • Luxurious Experience: Delightful formula with an exquisite aroma.


  • Argan Kernel Oil - Nourishes & moisturizes hair.
  • Ostrich Oil - Provides hydration & moisture to the hair.
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - Gives a silky appearance to the hair.
  • Dimethiconol - Acts as a silicone-based conditioning agent.
  • Linalool - Controls sebum production & promotes overall hair and scalp health.
  • Limonene - Enhances ingredient penetration & can be used as a fragrance.
  • Hydroxycitronellal - Locks in moisture & penetrates the hair strands.
  • Hexyl cinnamal - Adds a pleasant fragrance.
  • Amyl cinnamal - Contributes to the fragrance profile.
  • Coumarin - Works as a stabilizer.
  • Allyl Benzoate - Acts as a preservative and provides a silky appearance to the hair.
  • Benzyl alcohol - Functions as a preservative.
  • Parfum - Adds fragrance to the product.


  • Take about 3-4 drops of elixir onto your palms.
  • Apply it on towel-dried hair, focusing on mid-lengths to ends, avoiding the scalp.
  • Use on wet or dry hair as a styling product or heat protectant.

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