About Us

Established in 2011, Ostruce has found itself as the market leader in Pakistan for all products made with Ostrich Oil, which has been medically proven to be beneficial for over a dozen ailments. Moreover, Ostruce is honored to provide premium quality products made from all natural ingredients that have therapeutic benefits for the skin, hair, and muscles. Since our birds are imported from Australia and raised in a free-range, grain-fed, steroid and hormone-free land, all our products are as promising as they claim to be and have proven to heal and replenish all problems associated with Muscle Ache, Skin Damage, and Hair Damage.

Our Vision

Ostruce Trust for Rural Uplift and Community Education

The vision to have Ostriches included as livestock rather than wildlife was initially proposed by the Chairman of Ostruce, Mr. Shahid Jamal Kazi; a Chartered Accountant by profession who has years of experience working with top-notch institutions like Ferguson, Boots, and ICI. He came up with a vision to empower the rural population, create jobs and allow sustainable development through Ostrich Farming and Education. Moreover, the inspiration to lead towards a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that would empower the poverty-stricken families and create employment through training, was another one of our reasons to make our vision the ultimate mission of this journey.